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So this is the site...probably not too much to it but i'll check up on it and try my best to make it great..what am i talking about anything i do is great   ;)...if you have any comments about my site then tell me??

SO SO SO>>>>yes i have just put a whole bunch of new pictures on here with the help of the great and powerful ERICA ROGERS....yes and she will be entertaining you all with a message of her own whether she like sit or not...hope you all enjoy my site!!!!

HEY HEY HEY!! so this would be my first webpage..hopefully you all like it..Summer is comming soon..Lets hear it for the parties...actually mostly i can't wait to just chill out with my gurlz and my guys out at the beach..and for those who are already involved...(Brian, me, Justin....and Emma i think?) can't wait to go to six lakes...its gonna be the best time ever...

  • Jenny Graham- my other half
  • Fallon Mahar-since the beginning of comp
  • Erica Rogers-gerdy
  • Vicky Vallee-your sisters house in Edmonton??(remember?)
  • Emma Ash-since the beginning of grade 6
  • Marlena Bennett-garbage can?
  • Hearthy Mayordo-Hershey Mayonaise
  • Renell Porshe-Nellio
  • Brad Dakin-Tool
  • Dave Collier-wanna smoke a doobie??
  • Brandon Massey-007 Golden Eye
  • Myles Beane-nipples....*oouch**
  • Chris Walker-C'mon wussy man!!!
  • Josh Offrey-My Joshy (newf)

if i forgot you i'm so sorry ...tell me and i'll fix it!

So one of the funniest things that has happened recently i guess i'll say...would be Jenny's Birthday party. if you were there then you know where this is going...well heres the story....a few of us were playin ght eold people game of rumoli...and somehow got the great idea to play strip it was me, Jodi, Jenny and Emma for he girls team,,,and Brian and Chris for the who won?? thats GIRLS won...Brian and Chris were sittin there butt NAKED...and when they lost the last hand ...they had nothing else to take off so they had to good times good times...and then we played i thinkn like 3 or 4 hours of twister? oh yeah...i was in every round...score ...But i must say Jodi and Me were the champs that night...we were in the nastiest of position but yet we hung was a great night...LETS HEAR IT FOR THE NAKED MEN!!!   (Brian and Chris??)   

No I didn't forget my BRIAN!!! lol...



Me and this guy!


Vicky, Erica, Me and Fallon!!


Crazy Myles...


Mizz PornDog...what can i


This is my girl Gina!! i miss you hunny!!


Erica Rogers....she doesn't usually look like this...HAHA!!


Cori Charrette....AWWWWW


This is my Crazy cool dad!! out he's a spy


Can't touch na na na


Erica, Me and Hearthy


Psst! hey you! PSSSSST! FALLON!!   haha


Look what i've done...hah sucker!


Hearthy, Renell and B.J....great gurls!


My Joshy on the Drums


What whore's lol....j/k


Mmmmm Boston Pizza


Me and My Fallon!!


Me and Gina.....the best of times


doesn't it look like shes thinking..." oh yeah baby!"  ???


God only knows

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